Monday, October 16, 2017

29B opening soon on Avenue B

29B, a cafe-retail combo space, is shaping up on Avenue B between Second Street and Third Street.

Here's more about the owners and mission via their website:

Stefen Ramirez and Shin Won Yoon created Tea Dealers with the aim to introduce the highest quality pure, non-blended teas to America. Our tea catalog is a distinctive selection of exceptional teas that focus on cultivation, the artistry of the producer, and the cultural heritage of each origin.

We import teas from India, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan and source them directly from the farmers. All of the selections use traditional agriculture methods that do not use pesticides and only natural fertilizers when needed.

In June 2015, they opened a retail outlet in Williamsburg ... followed by a summertime pop-up shop on Canal Street this year.

Aside from serving tea and a food menu, the Avenue B location will sell tea pots, cups, flower vases, etc., and offer tea-related workshops and tastings.

The storefront in the middle of Brunch Row was previously home for seven years to Sigmund Pretzel Shop, which closed last fall.


Anonymous said...

Wow a new business which will not serve an endless boozy brunch, a win for the neighborhood's residents.

Anonymous said...

this sounds great.

Dan Lu said...

Sounds great, excited for their teas!

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah...3 months down the road they'll be seeking a full liquor license because they can't afford the rent serving tea.

Anonymous said...

Glad this is a chill spot and not a fucking drunk brunch nightmare like Poco, where they take over the sidewalk wit douchebags and noise every weekend. I will definitely go here!

Scuba Diva said...

I'm seriously looking forward to the tea here—and I wouldn't be surprised if some drunch patrons from Poco end up coming over to get their chai lattes to bring back.