Monday, October 16, 2017

Corner space at 118 1st Ave. for rent

The owner of the building on the northeast corner of First Avenue and Seventh Street has put up a for rent sign in the corner space ... which has already drawn some commentary...

... to coincide with the commentary that has been on the front door since the previous tenant, Golden Food Market, closed at the end of July after 35 years in business...

The storefront listing isn't online. So there isn't any word of the asking rent.

An LLC with a West 11th Street address bought the building at 118 First Ave. back in the spring for $5.8 million, according to public records.

The Golden Food Market staff said that the lease was up for renewal and the new landlord wanted an increase that was more than they could manage.

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JQ LLC said...

There really needs to be legislation to reveal the partners of these LLC's. Why the big mystery and whose rights are being protected? It's like these LLC's come off and have the same rules like the witness protection program.

Anonymous said...

New York State Senator Brad Hoylman has proposed a bill that would require LLCs in New York State to publicly disclose their beneficial owners with stiff penalties for false or fraudulent information.

Contact Senator Hoylman's office for more information: (212) 633-8052 or

I think Senator Hoylman is as disturbed by these outrageous rents as we are.

Anonymous said...


chris flash said...

The previous tenant was paying $17k per month. The new owner wanted to jack up their rent to $20k per month. The store owner declined that offer.

Exposing owners of LLCs has ZERO to do with controlling unsustainable commercial rents, and Hoylman KNOWS it. A good start would be substantially INCREASING tax assessments on buildings with high rents and REDUCING assessments on those who leave low-rent paying tenants alone, as well as DENYING landlords tax breaks for "loss of income" stemming from their forcing commercial tenants to vacate.

If I was Mayor, heads would ROLL!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad this deli closed because the one on MY side of first avenue (atul's spice farm or whatever it's called) SUCKS. everything is expired and overpriced and dusty and the refrigerators don't work so all the beverages are warm including beer. i don't support them whenever possible. i prefer to walk 3 blocks down first avenue. it's ashame because the family that runs this deli is super nice. they're just clueless and cheap