Thursday, October 19, 2017

Today in photos of discarded foosball tables on 7th Street

Photo this morning by Derek Berg .. and reporting this to the ITSF.


Anonymous said...

If they had only used some other tape, it would still be playable. That blue tape - phhhhhttt!!!

JQ LLC said...

What are the odds that foosball table will be perched by a Linknyc stand.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that USMNT did not qualify for the World Cup, the bros are jumping off the wagon and will now have to find another wagon to jump on, since they are all about anything where they can find an excuse to drink. Maybe if US makes the rugby or cricket World Cup, then they'll be on that bandwagon.

Speaking of USMNT's downfall, they pretty much exemplifies on gentrification or all on these moneyed folks invading the EV. Their fall was because the USMNT was about pay-to-play, thus they were self-entitlement and arrogance. Much like the moneyed newbies, they pay to come and play in the EV.

Soccer...errr. futbol was about skills, desire, passion, and catenaccio, regardless of where one came from or their class status. USMNT team members were a bunch of players that came from a wealthy background and family that can afford to pay $3000-$5000 a month for their soccer moms to shuttle them back and forth to the exclusive soccer camps.

So, much like what's going on the EV, the people who moved in the neighborhood back then had gusto and ardor and passion to be and make it in a city and neighborhood filled with arts and culture. But now, we have the affluent who only move in because they can afford to.

So maybe the downfall of USMNT, exemplified by that pic of foosball table, is also a sign on what will become of the new inhabitants of the EV, one can hope.

Anonymous said...

Downfall? Set back at worst, a lesson learned at best. Only two teams in the world have successfully made it to every world cup, Brazil and Germany. Chile also will not be going to Russia so what's their excuse? That was the most insane logic I've ever read.

Anonymous said...

A setback would be if the Dodgers lost to the Tigers on a 3-game series at home in L.A. in the middle of the season. Or, to keep it in the soccer field, if USMNT lost to T&T in the early rounds of the group stage.

Not admitting that it's a downfall is the kind of arrogance, delusion, sense self-entitlement, and denial that made U.S.A. not qualify for the World Cup and brought USMNT's undoing. Waiting for this to happen to the arrogant and proud newbies. And remember, pride was Satan's downfall:

"For who can yet believe, though after loss,
That all these puissant legions whose exile
Hath emptied Heaven shall fail to re-ascend,
Self-raised, and repossess their native seat?" ~ Milto, Paradise Lost