Thursday, October 19, 2017

Local business emerges from sidewalk bridge obstruction after 19 months on Avenue A

Workers yesterday removed the sidewalk bridge and scaffolding from the Avenue A side of Steiner East Village here between 11th Street and 12th Street.

Aside from providing a mostly full reveal of the 82-unit condoplex ... it marks the first time in 19 months that Harry and Ida's Meat & Supply Co. hasn't had its entrance and sunlight obscured by the construction gear...

As the owners of the sandwich shop and retail outlet posted on Instagram: "Good riddance. We will not miss you one bit."

In total, 19 of their 29 months in business have been under the doom and gloom of a sidewalk bridge... not to mention all the construction noise that went with it, often seven days a week.

[Photo from Oct. 7]

It hasn't been all bad for Harry & Ida's — they were able to open a luncheonette in the Financial District last month.

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Anonymous said...

Are we sure the Steiner building isn't some sort of workhouse (or prison) for all of us to be put in, after Trump declares full autocracy? Sure looks like it.