Friday, October 20, 2017

The 3rd annual Pierogi Tasting Day is tomorrow (Saturday!) at the East Village Meat Market

This is happening tomorrow at the East Village Meat Market, 139 Second Ave. between St. Mark's Place and Ninth Street.

Details via the EVG inbox...

We will be giving out FREE samples of some of the best Pierogies that the Ukrainian community has to offer. This Pierogi Party' will include 14 different kinds of Pierogies. The usual suspects like Potato, Cheese, and Sauerkraut will be making appearances, along side newcomers like Short rib and Pumpkin. Pierogies will be available for purchase as well!

We are all very excited about partnering with Veselka, a great East Village institution, but most important we can't wait to spread the "Pierogi Love" to our customers and East Village neighbors. Last year's event was a huge hit with lines wrapping half way down the block, so make sure to get here early before we sell out.

The event will take place all day (9am-6pm) ... Hope to see you all there!

You can find some photos from the first Tasting Day here.


Anonymous said...

Ukrainian soul food!!!

p.s. 'pierogi' is the Polish word. 'pyrohy' (пироги) is the Ukrainian word. What they are actually taste testing are correctly called 'varenyky' (вареники) in Ukrainian.

p.p.s. regardless - you are going to taste some tingly delicious tongue yummies!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope people bought some instead of just going for the freebies.