Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hotel Tortuga, under new management, will reopen soon still as Hotel Tortuga

One EVG reader confirmed what another reader left in the comments: Hotel Tortuga is currently closed.

However, a reader yesterday said that the Mexican restaurant (with plentiful vegetarian options) on 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue will return. Signs on the door say that the space is under new management, and they will reopen soon as Hotel Tortuga.

David and Jean LaPointe opened this Hotel in 2010. They also ran Curly's Vegetarian Lunch one block to the east on 14th Street until the end of 2011 when their lease expired. As Dave LaPointe, a founder of Burritoville, wrote at the time: "[T]he new lease terms proved just too much for a little vegetarian place..."


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Hotel Tortuga! I hadn't been there in a little while, didn't realize it was closed. I hope they come back soon and don't change it too much. The frozen sangria is a real treat and it's a nice cozy, comfortable atmosphere. (And by the way I am not a drunken bro -- just someone who likes sangria!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave LaPoint, from the vegetarian chorizo to the lunch specials to the non-price-gouged cerveza prices, the free chips salsa and crayons, thank you. And you always hired so well.

Equally thankful someone new is going to continue carrying the torch. Good luck and see you again soon new but hopefully very little changed, Hotel Tortuga.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good..must check it out.

Anonymous said...

I miss Curly's. Good luck and pleas power wash the awning.

Anonymous said...

Retired MLB pitcher Dave LaPoint?