Thursday, December 7, 2017

GG's looks to be yielding to Emmy Squared on 5th Street

The owners of Emmy Squared are applying for a new liquor license at 511 E. Fifth St. — the current home of GG's, the pizzeria between Avenue A and Avenue B, according to paperwork on file at the CB3 website. (PDF here.)

The paperwork filed ahead of Monday night's CB3-SLA meeting describes this as a sale of assets. The method of operation looks about the same with seating and hours (noon to midnight daily).

Emmy Squared in Williamsburg serves Detroit-style pizza via the wife-and-husband team behind Emily on Downing Street. (Neither of the owners, Emily and Matt Hyland, happen to be from Detroit.)

Eater once wrote that Emily and Emily Squared are "two of NYC's most exciting pizzerias."

The Hylands are currently involved in a lawsuit with some investors.

GG's opened here in September 2014... after owner Nick Morgenstern decided to revamp his Goat Town space. Morgenstern told Eater that business is good at GG's, but he and his partners want to focus on new projects, such as a restaurant for the Ace Hotel on the Bowery.

GG's will close after service on Dec. 23.

The December CB3-SLA committee meeting is Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Perseverance House Community Room, 535 E. Fifth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.

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sophocles said...

Since we don't have any Detroit style pizza in the EV I am sure it will be decided that a full liquor license is in the "public interest." Why isn't beer and wine enough for these places?

Anonymous said...

...Probably because Emmy Squared/Emily has a high-end cocktail list. It’s not like they’re pouring jameson shots. Why do you feel the need to control the types of beverages people consume?

Anonymous said...

@sophocles what is the big deal with a restaurant having a liquor license? I understand the sentiment against bars or restaurants that act as bars past a certain hour. If anything we should encourage restaurants in the neighborhood to have liquor licenses. Liquor significantly contributes to the bottom line, which helps keep restaurants afloat in this crazy/rising rent environment. Wouldn't we all rather have liquor licenses at restaurants than empty storefronts, which have become too prevalent in this city?

Very excited for Emmy Squared. Love Detroit pizza. But RIP GGs - had some great meals there.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you labeled that photo as 'pizza'. I thought it was an outtake from some horror movie, what with the blood and guts and stuff all over.

equilibrist said...

I know Emmy is supposed to be quite good, but I’ll miss GG’s. It was always solid, had a great grandma pie and burger, and I loved their breakfast carbonara. And it was one of the few places in the EV where one could go to have a civilized non-bro brunch. A loss for the neighborhood.

sophocles said...

It's a circle 9:25. all the liquor licenses contribute to higher rents because the landlords factor them in. stop feeding the beast.

Anonymous said...

whassup with the total pizza explosion everywhere these days?
I love pizza.
but this is definitely a trend.
every other empty storefront becomes a pizza vendor of one kind or another.

Glenn said...

Negronis and pizza, what's not to love? Chill out, Carry Nation.

Pinch said...

I enjoyed Goat Town.

Anonymous said...

Goat town was great. That and GG’s were perfect for Sunday breakfast/brunch/lunch without the loud over served douchebags.