Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hot Pot Central closes on 2nd Avenue

[Photo via @jcastro_nyc]

After nearly a year in business, Hot Pot Central has closed on the southeast corner of Second Avenue and 12th Street. They closed after service on Sunday night. No word on why they shut down.

This was the third attempt by the owners here since March 2015 ... following DumplingGuo and, previously, Dumpling Go.

Shima had a good run on the corner here until January 2014. After Shima, the asking rent for the prime corner location had been $25,400 per month.


Anonymous said...

I miss Shima like crazy. It was a wonderful, neighborhood place. It was where my son learned to use chopsticks as soon as he could sit up in a child seat. (He still is a lot neater with all types of Asian foods than is he is with Euro-style table manners.)

I wish Shima came back. :(

Gojira said...

Another cursed corner, or another landlord to curse? I opt for the latter, which is the direct and sole cause of the former.

Anonymous said...

The reason Shima had a good run here is that the owner always took pride in the quality of the food and the quality of his staff. Both were excellent and you got wonderful value for your money. Shima moved here after many years of having been on Waverly Place just off Mercer. It was great 40 years ago and remained that way. One of the sushi chefs from Shima when it was on Waverly Place left in 1993, along with two other Shima employees and started their own restaurant. So if you are looking for a similar type place, traditional, great food, good value, nice staff, you only have to walk to the central village to find it. Marumi - on LaGuardia Place between E. 3rd Street and Bleecker Street It is small, so get there early. You won't be disappointed. Not sure why I am telling everyone about it is already a busy establishment and I hope I won't have to wait on line too long next time I go.

Anonymous said...

25000 rent per month? no wonder restaurants close. very sad

Anonymous said...

I miss Shima. Even though I live in here, I miss the old New York. :(

And yes. Unless you are Danny Meyers or Keith McNally, who in the fuck can afford 25k a month rent? That is why this city now sucks.