Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Malcriada morphing into Bar Taco on Avenue C

Malcriada, a self-described "Latino Gastropub," is closed for now at 185 Avenue C near 12th Street.

There's signage up for a new venture called Bar Taco. Not sure if the same operators are behind the next iteration of this space.

Malcriada opened on Super Bowl Sunday, replacing Kaz, which closed after nearly seven months in December 2016. Before that, Cafecito operated for 14 years. The Cuban-specialty restaurant closed at the end of January 2016.


Anonymous said...

They still cant get it right. This is a Latino community adjacent to Campos Plaza -- mostly Puerto Rican and Dominican. First it was Polish, which of course nose-dived, then vaguely South American, and now Bar Taco. Let's get back to at least family-style Cubano -- the predecessor to all of this self-morphing. It's like a jumble of identities trying to fit where you dont belong.

Etienne Culler said...

Living around the corner I know the location well. Cafecito was successful with a long run as both latino neighborhood locals and hipster supported it but, I'm sure the landlord wanted to gouge their eyes out with the last increase so, they gave up. Later incarnations at that location of Kaz & Malcriada seemed to have such an erratic soft openings and what looked like irregular hours of operation that, not surprisingly, they tanked. Additionally, they looked like an evening bar that had food. Cafecito was an all-day Restaurant that had drinks. New guys are going to have to most likely do some kind of extended Groupon offering to draw in a clientele. If folks knew that 14th St bus - #M14D stops at the front door they might venture from afar.