Friday, December 1, 2017

Turning Rutherford Place into 1987 Russia

EVG regular Dan Efram shared this from Wednesday evening...

A crew of approximately 75 people worked on FX's television series "The Americans."

Filmed just north of the East Village outside of St. George's Episcopal Church on Rutherford Place at 16th Street, this wintery scene taking place in 1987 Russia included actor Lev Gorn passing a briefcase to an unidentifiable moving actor as they walked south. Two timely Russian automobiles were a big part of the red-hued eye candy.


Giovanni said...

That is great, The Americans is one of the better shows on TV, and could not be more timely with the Russian interference in our democracy. If you think the Russians haven’t been embedded in our country for years, watch this show. Parts of it are loosely based on a real story of a Russian spy who worked for years on 23rd St for Met Life. The cast is fantastic, and its all set in the 1980s so the scenes in the US look as nostalgic and dated as the old Soviet Union. This is the last season, and everyone is about to be captured, killed, or shipped back to Russia, so it should be a good one. Little did I know that the USSR was so close to the East Village. This street is also featured in The Alienist, a turn of the century crime drama about a serial killer, and a great book to read on a cold winter night, which is coming to TNT in January.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it just be cheaper to go to Russia and film it there?