Monday, May 24, 2021

An organic grocery for the Bowery

A coming soon sign for an organic grocery is now on the window here at 352 Bowery between Fourth Street and Great Jones. 

The sign promises an assortment of "produce, beer, breakfast, lunch, convenience, fresh juice, milkshakes, smoothies." And it might give the 7-Eleven directly across the Bowery some convenience competition. 

Signage for a COVID-19 rapid-test site arrived here in December, though that never materialized. 

The Sage Kitchen restaurant space closed here last year. Their catering business is still in operation from another location.


Anonymous said...

This is great news. If they give us interesting and healthy prepared foods, and an assortment of quality groceries at a good price it will thrive. At this point, The Bowery Whole foods is a ridiculous mismanaged joke, the Bowery location of WF being the neglected and abandoned child of the franchise. Key Foods and Union Market are great but the prepared foods both places could use an upgrade. I hope the Sage people are looking at the competition and can see how easily they can be topped....

Unknown said...

Very good 👍