Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Electric Burrito debuts on St. Mark's Place

Electric Burrito had its grand opening yesterday here at 81 St. Mark's Place just west of First Avenue.

As previously reported, the Southern California-style, to-go restaurant was created by Alex Thaboua and Will Wyatt of the cocktail bar Mister Paradise around the corner on First Avenue. 

The menu includes burritos inspired by Thaboua's upbringing in San Diego and house-made sodas. 

A rep shared more info on what to expect:
Visitors will be able to enjoy a selection of Cali-Mexican fare, including San Diego classics such as breakfast burritos, tacos and a totally authentic California Burrito that’s stuffed with french fries. 

Popularized by surfers and familiar to anyone in Southern California, this fry-stuffed Mexican-American mashup is a staple of casual California dining. Dubbed simply The California Burrito, there are slightly different takes up and down the Gold Coast with people in San Diego usually opting for carne asada. 

At Electric Burrito guests may select pollo asado, carnitas or carne asada as their base that gets rolled up with pico de gallo, cheese, and those iconic fries (guac, beans, crema and other add ons can be thrown in as well).
You can find the Electic Burrito website here. And Instagram here. Electric Burrito is open for now from noon to 10 p.m. Sunday to Thursday, and from noon to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.


JAMES said...

Some Website..Not even a menu listed.

Anonymous said...

Click on the Instagram icon on the main page of their website and there's a photo of the menu.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the menu wasn't really that visible - I was also disappointed not to be able to read it.

Anonymous said...

yes, website needs a menu! I don't want to have to go to instagram and zoom in on an angled and cut off photo there, when I'm already on the web site which is the place for a menu.

Anonymous said...

Silly to not have it on their website but at the same time... tough noogies. I’ve lost track of the number of places without a current menu (or one in general) on their sites but find my way to yelp to see if someone has uploaded a photo. If you want to eat at a place badly enough, you find a way to learn what they serve.

Anonymous said...

totally agree that they should show a *real* menu (and their insta only has their address on the app, not on desktop for some reason). but i'm willing to forgive a lot because for the first time in the 12 years since i moved from sf to nyc i've finally had a burrito from a place i'd go back to. :')

Jill W said...

I love burritos! Maybe one day I'll be able to scope out their menu on this marvelous thing known as the internet. Unfortunately not right here and now while I'm thinking about it and EV Grieve has provided this lovely free publicity for them. Or, randomly, I'll happen to walk down the street it's on and check out the menu. I really do hope I don't forget about it.