Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Nest watch: The red-tailed chicks are growing up quickly in Tompkins Square Park

Just last week, we noted that Amelia and Christo, the resident red-tailed hawks of Tompkins Square Park, have three chicks in the nest this spring.

Since then, as Goggla notes, the hawklets have nearly doubled in size. (That's what a steady diet of rats and pigeons will do...)

So what's next?
Checking my notes from last year, the hawk chicks all fledged the nest the first week of June. The next two weeks should be interesting as the nestlings continue to develop their immature plumage and start exploring the branches around the nest.

Soon after, they'll start ignoring everything their parents say. 

Please visit Goggla's site for more photos of and observations about these red-tailed chicks.  

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Anonymous said...

Can we name the three hawklets Mod, Pfiz, and JJ? I hate to honor big Pharma--but damn so happy to be vaxxed.