Monday, May 17, 2021

New Bagel Boss location now with Bagel Boss signage

Bagel Boss signage/branding is up now on 55 E. Houston St. at Mott Street (the former Oddfellows space).

This will be one of two new BBs in the neighborhood (first reported here). There's also one coming to 238 E. 14th St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenue, though no sign of signage there just yet. Both are expected to open this summer.

The owners of Bagel Boss recently discussed their expansion plans with Forbes:
Founder Adam Rosner explains that "At the beginning (of the pandemic), we got our teeth kicked in like the majority of New York City. We innovated, did a lot of shipping and now see a little spark in walking traffic."

Andrew Hazen, a partner, says it opted to expand during a pandemic because "We believe in the future of New York City, and we felt now is the perfect time to invest in it while rents are currently tenant-friendly."

In fact, Rosner asserts that he was able to secure two long-term leases in Manhattan with rents that were 35 percent to 40 percent below previous market levels.
Bagel Boss, founded in 1975, will now have 15 locations in NYC and on Long Island.  


Anonymous said...

Back in my day we poopoo'd just about anything coming in from LI. People aren't like that anymore though. This place will do gangbusters.

Anonymous said...

ha yeah well long island does to sandwiches and heros expertly and they have good bagel joints too. i just dont know if this is what is going to fly in that site given the customer clientele and what the rent probably is. best of luck to them though.