Friday, May 28, 2021

And wait until you see how expensive their balloons are!

Earlier this month, the folks at Flordel Florist, 226 E. Third St., changed up the signage here between Avenue B and Avenue C. 

The sign originally said "Florist Flowers." The new signage — "Very Expensive Flowers" — is definitely more memorable. 

Anyway, they are running a special — the dozen red roses, previously priced at $19.99, are available for $101.11, which includes the "no sense of humor fee." 

Photo by Stacie Joy!


JAMES said...

Good Business model!

Anonymous said...

Wat. LOL.

Eden Bee said...

Take that amount and double it!

Anonymous said...

Only you can prevent Florist Flowers.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Good one