Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The owner of alt.coffee and Cake Shop is looking to start a new cafe concept

Updated 5/28: According to materials on the CB3 website, Bodor will be vying for the former Meatball Shop space at 84 Stanton St. just east of Allen.

East Village resident Nick Bodor, who has owned and operated several local businesses in the past 25 years, is looking to lease a storefront in the area for a venture that combines and revives several of his former concepts, including the music venue, bar and cafe Cake Shop

"I am looking at spaces in the neighborhood to re-boot alt-coffee (1995-2007 on Avenue A) and meld it with Cake Shop, the Library Bar plus add a T-shirt store: alt-cafe bar, bakeshop and T-shirt emporium," he said in an email. 

He's currently securing investors for the business (see this link for details). Here's part of his pitch:
• We think the community is missing us now more than ever and we need to develop something new. 
• We hope to create a new long running, passionate, maybe slightly eccentric business... just like our previous venues. 
• We want to open a young adult friendly cafe/performance space/screen printing facility/retail store/bakery in New York.
The Library Bar at 7 Avenue A has been closed since the start of the pandemic. However, the new venture won't impact its status. The Library, d.b.a., Doc Holliday's and Milano's will reopen this summer, said Bodor, a partner in the group that owns these bars. 

Cake Shop photo from December 2016 by Walter Wlodarczyk


Anonymous said...

DBA is a shell of its former self under its former owners RIP.

Anonymous said...

For a long while my life revolved around alt. One of the most creative periods of my life. Miss it dearly.

Anonymous said...

ahhh alt.coffee!! So many memories! I was relatively new to the city, didn't know anyone, and hung out there for hours every night, 1997-ish

best of luck!!

Neighbor said...

The Library, d.b.a, doc holiday's, and Milanos all coming back is great news!!! That should be a piece on its own :)

Anonymous said...

I can’t wait for DBA, they always have the best beer!

sophocles said...

alt.coffee was a great place back in the day. You could grab a chair, read, watch, relax, chat, dream, etc., in home style comfort.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that you were in with all these places. I really like Alt Cake Shop Library and Doc Holidays.

Anonymous said...

I see an application for a full liquor license on the June CB 3 agenda for alt cafe on Stanton Street. It indicates a restaurant with occasional live acoustic music. Is this the new concept or is there another one on the way as well.