Monday, January 9, 2012

120 St. Mark's Place still doesn't have a Certificate of Occupancy

We haven't paid a visit to 120 St. Mark's Place, the former artists collective known as The Cave, since last April. (Among other people, it was the home of the Mosaic Man.) Developer Ben Shaoul took over the property in 2006.

Bob Arihood documented what took place here through the years. (This link will take you to the history.)

In a post dated Aug. 6, 2010, we noted that the address didn't have a Certificate of Occupancy — not even a temporary certificate of occupancy. The most recent Certificate of Occupancy, a temporary order, expired in November 2008, according to the DOB website.

This past weekend, a reader told us about the following documents that the City taped to the front door at 120 St. Mark's Place.

According to the City, the building still doesn't have a Certificate of Occupancy three-plus years later.

The "remedy" per the paperwork: "obtain a valid Certificate of Occupancy." Perhaps this will be the year for that to happen.

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