Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's sign of the apocalypse: IHOP Groupons

More than 1,000 sold. Or bought.

h/t to @chalegaindia & @rkudyba


Anonymous said...

Special offer! Pay $10 for $10 worth of food that's normally priced at $20!!!

Liberation said...

Since when is 2nd Ave @ 14th Street considered Union Square?

EV Grieve said...


Yes, it's actually Southeastern Union Square. Or — SOEUS to locals. (You can spot an out-of-towner when they don't pronounce it as ZEUS.... As in "Do you want to kick back in ZEUS tonight at Hype Lounge then hit the 'Hop?")

glamma said...

hey idiots
only ten dollars to poison yourselves
live starts here