Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last call at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge tonight

As we first reported Thursday, the iconic Holiday Cocktail Lounge is closing tonight. The building at 75 St. Mark's Place has been sold, and the people who have been running the bar since Stefan died in February 2009 are out.

And while the place had started creeping into sports bar territory (featuring the Jagerettes!) at times, we'll still really miss the Holiday.

There are all sorts of silly/absurd/funny rumors making the rounds. We'll hold off on those for now.

If you happen to go tonight, then please let us know how it was... (You have photos too?) Perhaps they'll even be another bar brawl out front, as Eater noted Thursday night.


Matt_LES said...

Might make it over and take some shots. Still can't believe Rev Billy hasn't stepped in.

Anonymous said...

Would love to go, but had my last call there in the '90s. Besides, a number of people would probably go there for the first time tonight just to see what's the big deal about it after having read and heard of the place here and from Eater. Pictures from then would also be better when it was still 'living' and 'alive'. I'll always have memories of being there. I guess there's no Instagram or Flickr for that. Holiday is over.