Monday, January 30, 2012

That Turkish fast-food place is now open on East Ninth Street

We pointed this out on East Ninth Street... just west of Avenue A a few weeks ago.

Cigkoftem, a Turkish vegetarian fast-food chain founded in 1993, opened this past weekend... And we have no idea why the photo looks as if we were falling when we took it...

Anyway, they were handing out free samples... Anyone try it?



Kimberley said...

I tried it. They were offering mild or spicy. I opted for spicy. It was this quasi-food substance that tasted fine at first but left the most horrible aftertaste. Nothing tasted the same for the rest of the night.

Anonymous said...

Turkish Vegetarian food sounds great...but then those posters! Mmmm! Packet-1 for me, extra red on that pleeze!

glamma said...

mmmm packets

Jill said...

I tried it. I had the spicy wrapped in a lettuce. It was kind of like raw falafel, but tasted better than that description sounds. The owner said it's an ancient Turkish dish. I suggested he put the name of the dish in English so we know how to say it, and not have to call it Packet 1.

Anonymous said...

Very nice & yummy fast food at Cigkoftem.

Store hours

Anonymous said...

I tried this today -- got the burgerm wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Be warned -- the mild version errs on the spicy side, so I imagine the spicy is REALLY hot. The cigkoftem itself is really tasty -- the flavor is complex and yummy. It's pretty squishy -- whoever said it's akin to raw falafel is right. But it's darn good.

Anonymous said...

this meal is originally made from crushing raw grinded uncooked meat with chilli pepper for minutes, and than more minutes by adding spices lemon and wheat rice.
but at this vegeterian kind, the use crushed walnut instead of meat, so it keeps fresh longer, taste significantly differs, but both spicy.
i recommend you to;
have some drops of lemon for each before eating, and use lettuce
if it is too spicy, probably it is, eat it with yogurt.

either you can prepare the drink we call ayran as it takes over the hot feeling,
is made, by putting some yogurt, a little water and salt in blender and mix them cold.