Friday, January 27, 2012

Neighbors asked to be vigilant about construction at 315 E. 10th St.

As renovations continue at 315 E. 10th St. in the East 10th Street Historic District*, neighbors are being asked to be vigilant about how the work is being done... EVflip sends along photos of these signs spotted on East 10th Street today... (Technically, the sign asks for people to be "vigillent" ... we get it...)

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[Updated] Reader report: Renovations begin in earnest at 315 E. 10th St.


chris said...

I was in a nearby back yard this morning, heard banging but that was it.

Are they really putting the fire escape in the front?

Lisa said...

Noooo, the intent's surely not to "harass"... only to
"be vigilant" about catching any minor infractions.

Ah... the free-wheelin', bohemian EV!