Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[UPDATED] What it will cost you to dress like Marky Ramone

[RR Auction]

At the City Room blog today, Aidan Gardiner notes that some Ramones paraphernalia, including Marky's leather jacket, is up for grabs in an online auction at RR Auction.

Per the auction site:

Marky’s iconic leather jacket, stage-worn from 1978 to 1983

Marky Ramone’s owned and stage-used jacket. Black leather jacket by Real Leather, New York–London, was used on stage between 1978–1983, features two US pins on the lapels, a single star pin to each shoulder, zip-up cuffs and a buckle at the waist. Jacket is signed on the back in gold ink “Marky Ramone.” In fine condition, with expected wear from stage use. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity ... bearing the printed signature of Marky Ramone.

Current price: $3,146.

An RR rep told Gardiner that the jacket has been "well maintained and bore no scent of stage sweat." And presumably, no scent of pasta sauce.



Caution! The folks at the City Room are now reporting that Marky is calling bullshit on this one. Marky says that the jacket is not his! Read the rest at City Room.


Glenn Belverio said...

Talk about a bargain! A new leather jacket from Barneys or even Bloomingdale's that hasn't been worn by a rock star, or anyone famous for that matter, would cost more than that.

Andy Newman said...

Hi, Andy from City Room. Marky claims the jacket is a fake, and we've updated our post with comment from auction house guy, who says he spoke to Marky today and is looking into it.

We're also in communication with Marky and will update with something from him soon.

Gabba gabba hey!u

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the update, Andy!

Liberation said...

It's so much cheaper dressing like Lady Gaga. For three bucks you can get a wig, a trash bag and a pair of knock-off Ray Bans at Bargain Bazaar on 14th Street.

I'm on the edge of thrifty!

randall said...

To dress like Lady Gaga all you've got to do is go to Subway, ask for two $5 footlong roast beef heros and when they ask you what kind of bread you want it on, just strip down naked and tell them to stick the meat all over your body. Don't forget to ask for extra mayonnaise and maybe some salt and pepper too. You can however skip the vegetables if you want. The whole thing should cost you $10 and change.