Monday, January 23, 2012

Sonar Gaow 'temporarily closed due to a plumbing problem'

That's the sign on the gate outside Sonar Gaow, one of the Indian restaurants on East Sixth Street... Just so happens to coincide with a closure last Thursday via the Department of Health, who handed out 49 violation points for the usual various critters.

This is one of those places that people have complained about for being "dirty" in the past, such as this post from Eater in 2008.


nygrump said...

Nice family but their kitchen exhaust fan excretes at 1st floor level, I'm getting really sick of having my apt filled with fumes from burnt grease. Only in Boozeburg could that be acceptable.

blue glass said...

all he cares about are tickets and tourists.
and, oh yes, our health.