Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the February CB3/SLA agenda: the former 6th Street Kitchen and (gulp) the Holiday

Time again. Time and time again.

February's funfair (aka, the SLA & DCA Licensing Committee) is Monday the 13 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 East 5th Street at Bowery.

As always, we take a look a few of the items on the agenda... You can find the whole slate here at the CB3 site.

Corporate Change

• Ugly Kitchen, 103 1st Ave (op)

Didn't they just open in August?

• La Vie (Le Cave LLC), 64 E 1st St (op)

Applications within Resolution Areas

• To be Determined, 6 St Marks Pl (wb)

• JB Sushi (Marco's 88 Inc), 15 St Marks Pl (up/op)

• Lebrini's Pizzeria (Lebrini's Pizzeria Corp), 31 Ave C (wb)

When did Moon Pie close here at East Third St.?

• Zaragoza Mexican Deli & Grocery Inc, 215 Ave A (b)

They used to sell beer, but apparently they didn't have the proper licensing. Long live Zaragoza!

• San Matteo Panuozzeria E Birra (San Matteo Panuozzeria Inc), 121 St Marks Pl (b)

That new panuozzo place opening in the old crepe place near Avenue A.

• Nublu, 151 Ave C (op)

• To be Determined, 116 Ave C (op)

Hmm, this is Kafana, the fine Serbian spot near Seventh Street.

• BK's, 115 Ave C (op)

The former Porch, which has been a scratch on previous agendas.

• Yuca Bar & Restaurant Inc, 111 Ave A (up/op)

• Yong Fa Restaurant Inc, 507 E 6th St (wb)

This is the former 6th Street Kitchen space, which never reopened after that awful fire in Janaury 2011. The space had been for rent. One neighborhood told us they heard it would be "an Asian fusion" restaurant.

[EV Grieve reader Jamie]


• Fat Buddha (Lo Eng Inc), 212 Ave A (op)

New Liquor License Applications
• Holiday Lounge, 75 St Marks Pl (op)

Gulp. Been nervous about the beloved Holiday since Stefan died in 2009 ... As I noted last fall, the building housing the bar is for sale. Not sure at this second why they would be going for a new license as opposed to a renewal...

According to the State Liquor Authority, the bar's license is active through February 2013.

We hate that funny feeling...

• To be Determined, 197 1st Ave aka 351 E 12th St (wb)

This is the address of Resto Leon ...

• Izagara Gourmet Inc, 128 1st Ave (wb)

This is the former Kebab Grill that turned into the Mediterranean Grill last month.

• Porsena (Service Bar LLC), 21 E 7th St (up/op)

• Sahara Citi, 137 E 13th St (wb)

Currently a vacant storefront near Tom Cruise's house.

• Nevada Smiths (92 Nuns Walk Inc), 100 3rd Ave (op)

• Sao Mai Vietnamese Cuisine Inc, 203 1st Ave (wb)

• Porcellino (Rar Royal New York Corp), 308 E 6th St (op)

b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations |up=upgrades

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Anonymous said...

"When did Moon Pie close here at East Third St.?"

almost 2 years ago...went out of business -> May 2010.