Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey, let's name the new froyo machine at 16 Handles

So, there's this. Via the 16 Handles Facebook page...

Some suggestions via Facebook so far include: The Mixerater ... Green Supreme... Blendzie...

Meh. A few names to get everyone warmed up:

• Here Today, Lying in Front of the St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery 10 Minutes Later

• Does this Machine Make Me Look Fat?

• FroYuckinator

Isn't this fun?


Jeremiah Moss said...

The SpoogeMeister

Pull My Finger

Paramus Mall Memory Machine

(yes, they come from Paramus: http://16handles.com/press.php)

Andy said...

Gelatinous Milk Product Extruder

The "Imagine how rarely we clean this" machine

The Ice Queen's supple teat

randall said...

All great choices.

But seriously when is this fucking idiocy going to end. It's a frozen yogurt machine why the fuck does it need a name other than fucking frozen yogurt machine. I think we should start naming all of the turnstiles, metrocard machines and those new parking meter boxes too. The old ones don't need names since they are too old and outdated anyway. And while were at it, why don't we name cash registers, ATMs, vending machines, soda fountains, hot dog carts, regular fountains, fences and subway cars. How can we brand all of those things too. Has the whole world gone insane?

There. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

2 Girls, 1 FroYo Cup

Marty Wombacher said...

Lady Gaga?

Anonymous said...

I always shit 16 inches the next day. Nature's best laxative.

esquared™ said...

2 FroYo Cups, 1 Girl

Need Insulin?

FroYo: capital F for fat and Y for You

Is there an app for this?


The Infantile Machine


BabyDave said...

Randall --

Basically I'm all with you, but I think they want a name for their new drink, not the machine.
NYU Juice?
Slush fund baby?

nygrump said...

randall, its all about pleasing the kidults...i've been trying to find a list of ingredients for 16 handles...its not easy

Laura Goggin Photography said...


EV Grieve said...

The FroYoer

We're totally going to win the $500. What should we spend it on? A 1/2 day's rent in the Bowery Hotel penthouse?



Marty Wombacher said...


glamma said...

Rich Trash Surprise

or how about


Anonymous said...