Monday, January 30, 2012

Bleecker Bob's is NOT becoming a Starbucks

Starbucks taking over the Bleecker Bob's space made the rounds starting on Thursday... hysteria quickly (and understandably) set in... While we understand that the longtime record store will still be moving, a Starbucks won't be taking its place.

We didn't notice this correction dated today in the Times story on the matter ...

Correction: January 30, 2012
An article in some editions on Friday about the closings of two of New York’s musical mainstays — the performance space Southpaw in Brooklyn and Bleecker Bob’s Golden Oldies in Greenwich Village — misstated the plans for the Bleecker Bob’s property. It will not become a Starbucks, according to the company.

Starbucks also just sent out a tweet about it here.

So. Dunkin' Donuts then? Subway?


marc kehoe said...

Wasn't it supposed to become a SUBWAY and not Starblechs?

Jeremiah Moss said...

guess what Starbucks, we still hate you.

Anonymous said...

what about yippie cafe are they going to open a new site this one will be a cat free basement

randall said...

Hopefully a Pizza Hut. So I can finally find a decent slice of pie around the city. The Hut is woefully underrepresented in the fast food invasion.