Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get your home with an open-air living room on East 14th Street!

[Photos via New York magazine via Curbed]

Back in September, we posted an item about the penthouse for sale at the Brownstone East Village, the rather interesting architectural wonder at 224 E. 14th St. near Third Avenue.

Now, as The Wall Street Journal notes (via Curbed), Bill Peterson, the architect behind this, is selling his second-floor unit for $2.499 million. Among the amenities: An open-air living room that looks out onto 14th Street and "a garage-door like windowed back wall between the kitchen and the backyard."

There are photos.

The front!

The back!

Per the Journal:

The condo also showcases many references to East Village culture. In the living room there is a large framed photograph of Patti Smith and in the bedroom there is a framed vintage T-shirt worn by bartenders at Fillmore East, a legendary music venue in the East Village.

Here's the listing with more photos. And there's an Open House Sunday from noon to 2 p.m. Perfect timing for your IHOP brunch.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing says peace, quiet and fresh air like 14th st!

Belle said...

Good Lord. This resembles a beach house my friends and I once rented. It was very nice, but, you know, it was on a beach in the middle of nowhere, not on freaking 14th street. Maybe a rich exhibitionist will buy it.

Anonymous said...

I love the sliding front wall.. almost like living in the zoo.

Hey... I have an original framed "last days of the Fillmore" poster hanging on my wall... does that make my place worth 2.4 mill ?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this Philip Glass' place? Surprised there hasn't been a mention of him on here. It IS his 75th Birthday after all, and he's been a long time EV resident.

Anonymous said...

PG still lives on 3rd street where he always has.
Saw him taking his laundry to the laundromat around the corner a couple of weeks ago.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

The place on 14th belongs to Bill Petersen.


(NYU Local has a badly written sentence that makes it sound like Philip Glass lives here, but he's down on E 3rd.)

EV Grieve said...

There were several articles on Glass today (NPR, the NY Times, the Voice, etc.). Was going to mention these in a links roundup, but ran out of time.

A lot of notable Jan. 31 birthdays: Norman Mailer, Jackie Robinson, Carol Channing, John Lydon, Zane Grey, Derek Jarman ... that guy from KC and the Sunshine Band...

glamma said...

I bet any amount of money that it was the IHOP that drove this guy out.
good luck selling it now...
ps. f*ck you IHOP - stop fueling the CAFO's that torture innocent animals!!!!