Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two weeks (or so) in the demolition of 9 Second Ave.

After demolishing 11-17 Second Ave., workers turned to the removal of 9 (71/2) Second Ave. on Jan. 5.

Bobby Williams and I walked by (almost) every day to keep tabs on the progress... As you know, all was torn down to make way for a 12-story apartment building...

Friday, Jan. 6

Saturday, Jan. 7 (pics by EVG)

Sunday, Jan. 8 (pics by EVG)

Monday, Jan. 9

Tuesday, Jan. 10

Wednesday, Jan. 11

Thursday, Jan. 12

Friday, Jan. 13

Saturday, Jan. 14

Sunday, Jan. 15 (pics by EVG)

Monday, Jan. 16

Tuesday, Jan. 17

Thursday, Jan. 18 (pic by EVG)

Friday, Jan. 19

Saturday, Jan. 21 (pic by EVG)

Monday, Jan. 23 (pics by EVG)

Read Jeremiah's history of 9 (71/2) Second Ave. here.