Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This is what Tompkins Finest Deli will look like

Well, speaking of new delis... The other day, Bobby Williams passed along photos of the new deli coming to Avenue A near 10th Street... the one that is replacing the previous deli here...

Matt LES_Miserable took a look inside...

He notes: "Looks like every other deli that's opened the last few years. Well, at least they were happy and invited me in to look."

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OWR said...

Why hasnt the thug BagelGuy posted yet to complain about this competition opening near him?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Aptly named. Perhaps even too modest. Why not Earth's Finest Deli? Baffling.

glamma said...

just call it yuppie deli.
have to say though i am EXTREMELY happy this is remaining a deli. especially with the loss of ev farms!