Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Checking back in on Monday night's CB3/SLA committee meeting

[125 First Ave.]

We've written a little about Monday's CB3/SLA meeting, in which the committee denied a permit for a beer/wine license for BAD Burger on Avenue A. (This after owner Keith Masco wasn't interested in compromising the hours for the license.)

Otherwise, it seems as if the committee was in a pretty generous mood. Of the 11 agenda items that Eater reported on, 10 of the applicants were successful in getting a license/upgrade/sidewalk cafe, etc.

A few quick items of note from Sarah Rose's report (read the whole thing here):

• Yes to the seafood restaurant/seafood market/gallery at 125 First Ave. that we wrote about here.

• Yes to the Prune people taking over Belcourt that we wrote about here.

• Yes to an upgrade to a full liquor license for Goat Town on East Fifth Street.

And BoweryBoogie and The Lo-Down have more on that monstrosity approved for 199 Bowery.


Jeremiah Moss said...

so the "Glow-Chester" Massachusetts seafood restaurant got their full liquor license?

Uncle Waltie said...

I shamelessly stole this from Bowery Boogie:
"...Polished and well-groomed, and armed with a supposedly stellar track record, the team predictably put forth the frontline bakery concept as bait....the main dining room will reside behind the bakery, and serve small-plate Asian fusion. The basement, in what was Crash Mansion, will have more “casual” dining with live Jazz band ambiance. And in the kitchen – Franklin Becker is head chef, 2007 Top Chef winner Hung Huynh is involved, and Thiago Silva is pastry chef."

Never thought I'd see the day when a Bowery joint would have a pastry chef. What the f*ck is Asian Fusion, anyway? Just tell me where I can get some Fried Rice or Beef Lo Mein.