Saturday, January 21, 2012

[UPDATED] FDNY: Man struck and killed by L train at 14th Street and Third Avenue station

We first posted this information on our Twitter account this morning... (here... and here...)

An FDNY official told me around 8:45 that someone was under a train at 14th Street and Third Avenue... the L was stopped in both directions...

Early reports indicate that the man is dead.


Patrick Hedlund at DNAinfo reports the man was struck and killed by a Brooklyn-bound L train. He was pinned beneath the train. Nearly 200 passengers had to be evacuated from the train through the tunnel, Hedlund notes.


The MTA has changed the status of the L:


The Post reports that the victim was 22 years old. And he was standing on the tracks between the Union Square and Third Avenue stations. Officials have yet to release his name, or offer any theories why he was standing on the tracks.


The Post ID'd the victim as Brian Omara O'Mara of Garden City. Still no explanation why he was walking on the tracks.

Sunday night.

Per The Wall Street Journal:

Police said Mr. O'Mara had been out drinking with friends, who later realized he didn't enter a taxi with them at the end of the night.

Police are checking Mr. O'Mara's MetroCard to determine what time he entered the train station. It is believed he used an emergency exit on the station platform to enter the tunnel and was hit by a train, police said.

Officers recovered a cellphone, a wristwatch and a wallet with more than $100. A woman who answered the phone at Mr. O'Mara's home declined to comment.


Anonymous said...

This morning I needed to take the M14D crosstown and was really annoyed that the bus kept getting with mobs of people exiting L train stations, reporting that the train has stopped.

My inconvenience seems pretty trivial now that I've read about this man's death.

Jill said...

I just heard on the radio that 4 people were killed in the subway on Saturday. Creepy.

Tom said...

The Wall St Journal reports that Brian O'Mara was killed at around 8:25 a.m. He had been out drinking all night with friends, who didn't notice that he wasn't in the taxi cab with them.