Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today in photos of a man being swarmed by pigeons in Washington Square Park

Photos by Bobby Williams.


LvV said...

Mr. Williams, your photos are out of this world!

This man does not seem too disturbed so hopefully this is not a Hitchcock scene ... his duffel bag must contain the motherload of breadcrumbs.

I like pigeons

Marty Wombacher said...

Those are classic photos! I'd have freaked out if I was that guy! Great work by Bobby, timing is everything and once again, Bobby nails it!

Anonymous said...

That's Paul. He's there just about every day. He feeds them in order to have them come to him. He's a regular (as are the pigeons) so they know each other well.

Leesy said...

I have a picture with him and his pigeons! I walked up to him and asked him some sort of question. Instead of answering he grabbed my hand and filled it with seed. Before I knew it I had pigeons on my shoulders and arms eating out of my hands. It was a great memory - especially the horrified look on the face of a woman walking by in the background.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Actually, he's been feeding that flock for so many years, they come to him BEFORE he pulls out the food. I've watched them flock over to his bench the moment he steps into the park!
Paul helped me a couple years ago to reintroduce some baby pigeons I raised back into the flock..