Thursday, February 7, 2013

[Updated] Water main break on East 13th Street

Apparently the water is coming from the Mystery Lot construction site!

The NYPD is on the scene!

[Via @whiskandanchor]

A shot from East 13th Street, where a water main broke ... water still bubbling up from the depths... FDNY on the scene... photo via Marjorie Ingall

Report from the scene: The bubbling water has subsided. An inch or so at its deepest on East 13th Street...

Some photos via EVG reader Katja a little earlier ...

Con Ed is at the scene... and gave the all clear on electric and gas... However, an unknown number of residents will be without water for several days, according to what officials told Katja.

DEP on the scene ... photos via Katja...

Workers are digging into the guilty party...

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Nick Douglas said...

I live on the block. I just checked and our water's still out. "Without water for several days" sounds... unfun.