Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Report: Upper West Side old-timer Emerald Inn will likely close for good this spring

Stepping away from the neighborhood for a minute. The Emerald Inn, the Upper West Side saloon that has been serving up drinks since FDR was in office, looks like a goner, again. A huge rent hike nearly killed it a few years back, but the landlord couldn't find a tenant who'd pay $35,000 a month for the 800-square-foot space during the recession.

Now, though. The West Side Rag reports this afternoon that the landlord has already been showing the space to other prospective tenants. As they report: "The unpretentious bar now has some very tony neighbors, including high-end retailers like Helmut Lang and Club Monaco, and rents have escalated."

The current lease is up May 1.


H/t Eater


Alex in NYC said...

Nothing is sacred. Nowhere is safe. FUCK this city.

Anonymous said...

that's a shame I know the owner and I'll be having to check in now to catch up :(

esquared™ said...

Maybe another wine bar will replace it.

blue glass said...

all that will remain will be the extremely rich, their staff and serfs.
thanks mayors koch on.

Anonymous said...

It's replacement will undoubtedly be a national/international chain store or bank, which will add nothing of value to the area. I will be surprised if even an expensive restaurant replaces the Emerald Inn.

glamma said...

oh man that suck$. i've had many an irish nacho there. used to go for a few beers almost every week when i had to go to the UWS.
Will Manhattan soon be stripped of EVERY vestige of comfort? warmth?



Where is the f*cking rent control for businesses already? This sh*t is just ridiculous!! Is NOTHING safe in this town?

Patricia Morrison said...

Disgraceful. The husband and I had drinks there after a movie at the New Yorker (it was Godard, I needed it).

la Muzz said...

That's sad news. It's a wonderful little place. But... what would the Helmut Lang shopper know of such a place?