Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Hyatt Union Square will open in May, probably

Our favorite fivesix-years-in the-making development, the Hyatt Union Square, now has an another official opening date, Crain's noted yesterday. They put the opening date in April... recent opening dates included Nov. 15 and Jan. 2, though Sandy took care of that.

Per the article:

Rooms at the 11-story Hyatt will start at $315 per night during off-peak season. The Hyatt has been under construction for years and work has been held up multiple times because of violations filed by the city's Department of Buildings.

We looked at the Hyatt Union Square website... And found that the hotel will start accepting guests after May 1. But we're not taking any bets that this will actually happen.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, joy...

Anonymous said...

Back around 1989 or so when the ground floor of this place was The Cat Club I went to a listening party for Iggy Pop's then new album 'Brick by Brick'. Iggy himself made an appearance for meet and greet. Great meeting one of my all-time heroes. Fun night and it didn't cost $315 fucking dollars...IN OFF-PEAK FUCKING SEASON! GOD-DAMN!

glamma said...

I heard there are plans to open 11 more hotels in the LES/EV.


Grievestrator, thank you for your tireless efforts to both educate and entertain, but I'm still confused. When it says "Hyatt Union Square New York is accepting reservations for May 1, 2013 and beyond," do they mean beyond this location, like in outer space? Iran recently shot a monkey into space but I heard nothing about Hyatt sending animals into orbit. Please clarify.

EV Grieve said...


Good question.

I believe the Hyatt Union Square folks are still figuring out just what is "beyond," and just what star systems, star clusters and types of interstellar clouds to include.

They'e looking for areas that are under-served, such as the constellation Coma Berenices, where the hotel would bring something clean, modern, efficient, yet something that the constellation can benefit from.

pinhead said...

@EV Grieve:

Any word on off-peak rates for Coma Berenices? And is there a TGI Fridays?

EV Grieve said...

@ pinhead

Not sure about a TGI on Coma Berenices.

There are permits for several in the Andromeda Galaxy, though developers want to wait until collides with the Milky Way in 3.75 billion years (or so) before starting.

Makes sense.