Saturday, February 16, 2013

Today in meteor woo

As we first reported yesterday you may have heard, a meteor blast shook Russia's Urals region yesterday.

The Post had a local angle today:

That didn’t stop science geeks and party kids in the Big Apple from celebrating the cosmic rarity.

I’m getting drunk in honor of the asteroid,” said Maria Hess, 21, who bellied up to the bar at Jimmy’s 43 on the Lower East Side.


Brian Van said...

The Post would prefer it if no one other than the 21-year-old women in New York had any opinions

Crazy Eddie said...

We really need to get the draft re-instated ASAP. Not a fan of dumb wars but I have family members that have recently served in Afghanistan and this crowd needs a service wakeup call. Woo!

pinhead said...

Maria added, "Tomorrow I'm getting drunk in honor of those cruise ship people who had to poop in baggies."

EV Grieve said...