Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why the East Village is like Ireland

Columbia University's New York World has released a study that compares every NYC precinct's homicide rate with a UN member, as the Post noted today.

Researchers set out to learn: How does a plunging New York City murder rate look from a global perspective?

So, in 2012, New York finished the year with 419 homicides — an average of 3.8 killings per every 100,000 residents. The high end of the report: East Harlem reportedly had 21 murders per 100,000 residents, which mirrored the rate of Brazil. And here in our 9th Precinct? The 2012 homicide rate was 1.31 per 100,000 residents, comparable to Ireland's rate. (The 7th Precinct on the Lower East Side saw 0 murders last year — just like Iceland.)

You can read the methodology and find the interactive map and all that at New York World.


nygrump said...

Was their methodology to measure the number of twits, I mean tweets relating a murder? Otherwise the medias doesn't seem to care unless the information is mediated by twit-ter.

Anonymous said...

I think I remember the one murder last year (stupid dice games).

But I thought I read about at least one in the LES (not the Raphael Ward murder which was this year) and that map has the murder rate at 0 for LES.

Anonymous said...

So the East Village is comparable to Ireland in terms of murders pe capita?

When I saw the headline, I was sure it was about the number of bars/pubs per capita...