Sunday, November 1, 2015

Breaking: The self checkouts at Key Food are broken

Uh-oh! If you planned on shopping on Key on Avenue A today, then be prepared for some longer lines… Vinny & O report that the self checkouts remain down. A technician is on the scene… and he is on the phone.

Current Key mood: Chaos!


Anonymous said...

Chaos like that beckons an NYPD Tweet Tower!

Anonymous said...

Lived here over 25 years and I have never seen Ave A as bad as last night.

So many wasted youth, acting insane. Harassing and accosting passersby. Talking all kinds of shit to anyone, without fear of reprisal.

Would Jewels be proud of his legacy? He just might be!

Turns out, he was a trendsetter, a man ahead of his time. Now all the kids are doing it.

LPIFLY said...

Just because there is chaos doesnt mean you have to take it out on the gluten!

President Camacho said...

Well done, 4:29PM. I hadn't thought of it that way before. For all the lionizers of this dearly departed village mascot, observe that the very same behaviors you find so repugnant when exhibited by the bros and bras are in substance no different than those that were expressed by your favorite, beleaguered street urchin.

The difference? LES Jewels wasn't a real threat, was he? You could look down on him from a comfortable distance. The bros and bras, with their pedigrees (nouveau or otherwise) and degrees, not so much, right?

nygrump said...

Jewels was a threat and if he had ever punched at my face again he was going to get hurt, but instead, he died.