Friday, November 13, 2015

EV Grieve Etc.: Why R. Crumb hates the Observer; a squash court for East River Park?

[Headless commuter exiting the L train via Grant Shaffer]

Man wanted for raping 1 woman, attacking 2 others in a 3-hour spree on the Lower East Side (WPIX)

Why R. Crumb hates the New York Observer (Slum Goddess)

Group hopes to open city's first public squash court in East River Park (BoweryBoogie)

Some history of the Tompkins Square Branch of the NYPL (Off the Grid)

About the Mudd Club rummage sale, which benefits the Bowery Mission (Stupefaction)

Here are the hotel plans for 50 Bowery (The Lo-Down)

The latest from the Sheldon Silver trial (The New York Times)

[Faces on East 4th Street via Derek Berg]

FINALLY! An LES restaurant with a $54 chicken entree on the menu (Gothamist)

Porsena turns 5 on East Seventh Street (The Village Voice)

Hearth on East 12th Street will revamp its menu and interior come this January (The New York Times)

Celebrate some films that meet the approval of avant-garde luminary and downtown NYC legend Jack Smith, who would have been 83 tomorrow (Anthology Film Archives)

Solo Dora action (Gog in NYC)

Downtown NYC photos from Gary Green circa 1976-1986 (Flaming Pablum)

The La MaMa Puppet Series 2015 continues (La MaMa)

Two theater students at NYU subject themselves to be featured in The Hunt look for an apartment in the East Village (The New York Times)

"The Lost Arcade," a new documentary film by Kurt Vincent and Irene Chin, tells the story of the legendary Chinatown Fair (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

"Ian Svenonius is a strange man" (NPR)

New study sheds new light on the connection between gentrification, restaurants and race (The Atlantic)

Target is opening a location in Tribeca next year (Racked)

Diversions: The campaign to bring back "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (NPR)

...and the first of the public meetings begin tomorrow to discuss the Gardens Rising Project... details below...


Anonymous said...

I was going to go googling for that R. Crumb story - thanks for the linx!

Eden Bee said...

Ya thanks for the link!

Spike said...

MST3K, yes please.

4:17 p.m. said...

Aww, too bad for them that they have to share their living quarters while institutionalized at Purple Nation. I guess mommy and daddy can't afford a $2100/mo quiet apt., or unlucky to not be housed in a $300/night hotel.

Ain't no nothing unusual for NYU students to subject themselves to be profiled by NYT.

But whatevs, NYU homeys, when y'all graduate, you'd still be living in a commune, bruh, sistah, hakuna matata. Share this!

Anonymous said...

The 3 bedroom that the NYU first kids shared was one of Icon's illegal hotel rooms, which eventually was legally rented as an apt. 2 of the 3 bedrooms were windowless closets. While IT were being built, the entire building went through every cliche construction nightmare you can imagine. They were also noisy inconsiderate neighbors. Poor them.