Tuesday, November 24, 2015

1st Bitcoin ATM arrives on the Lower East Side

Via the EVG inbox...

CoinSource, the secure BTM network with instant transactions, has unveiled the first Bitcoin ATM in New York City’s Lower East Side at 61 Delancey Street. Located within the N&N Delancey Smoke Shop, the newest CoinSource Bitcoin ATM joins a national network of secure, easy-to-use Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) stretching from San Diego to Las Vegas to New York City. As one of 22 companies that submitted an application for New York’s BitLicense, CoinSource is permitted to fully operate in New York State.

The CoinSource BTM in the Lower East Side is located at 61 Delancey Street between Eldridge and Allen Streets ... The ATM can be accessed from 10 AM to 3 AM, 7 days per week.

The Lower East Side CoinSource BTM tenders instant bitcoin purchases with cash. In addition to providing the only the Bitcoin ATM machine south of Tompkins Square Park and East of the Bowery, the Lower East Side CoinSource BTM offers attractive rates to customers with standard fees at 7%, and with large purchasers and high-volume customers accessing even further reduced fee levels.

Oh, and in was you were wondering, there is one Bitcoin ATM that we know about in the East Village... at Le Village, 127 E. Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Avenue. This ATM is operated by a different vendor than the one on Delancey, and its hours are likely limited to when the restaurant is open. This machine has a fee of 15%, per the company website.


nygrump said...

Gotta make sure ISIL can access their funds before they atteck our freedoms (the freedom to be surveilled, basically) - add in the cell phone reception the MTA just HAD to ensure functions fully underground, making sure remote detonations, like the one done in Madrid a few years back, are easy and efficient.

"DW (Deutsche Welle) previously reported that the Islamic State is experimenting with currency, specifically gold and bitcoin. One bitcoin wallet received around $23 million in a month; anti-ISIS hackers from GhostSec followed a chain of transactions to another wallet with over $3 million in bitcoins."

Anonymous said...

There is no proof that ISIS had wallets with $23 million or $3 million. The journalist at DW behind the article with the $23 million claim publicly announced that this claim was false, that there is no proof of it.

If either claim were true, it would be 100% open to the public to see the exact wallets with these bitcoin amounts. The bitcoin blockchain can publicly show anyone with internet access the amount of bitcoin that is either in or that has passed through any wallet, simply by plugging the wallet address into a website like www.blockchain.info. If either claim were true, a journalist or whistle blower could simply post the wallet address and the entire world could verify it.

Don't believe the lies the media perpetuates for clickbait.

Anonymous said...

So basically, Vote Trump!?!