Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week in Grieview

[Tompkins Square Park yesterday morning]

RIP Milton 'Husko' Velez, Jr. (Saturday)

Let's take a look at 347 Bowery, now and in the future (Monday)

Q-and-A with filmmaker Tom DiCillo (Tuesday)

Two East Village Chase branches close (Friday)

Report: 311 calls about homeless people are on the rise in the East Village/Lower East Side (Wednesday)

Your chance to brainstorm ideas to renovate the Tompkins Square Park Playground (Thursday)

B&H Dairy will now bring the borscht and challah right to your door (Friday)

Out and About with Willie Correa (Wednesday)

The Dunkin' Donuts on First Avenue and East Sixth Street is closed for renovations (Saturday)

Lion Beerstore has opened on Second Avenue (Tuesday)

Ciao for Now extending their hours now into the evenings (Friday)

Now at Ray's Candy Store — popcorn shrimp (Monday)

Petition drive underway to help save the Stuy Town Associated on East 14th Street (Tuesday)

Celebrating 20 years at Exit9 on Avenue A (Saturday)

More details on the deal that saw the northeast corner of Avenue A and 12th Street change hands (Friday)

What it will cost to live above the ruins of La Vie in the Bowery District (Wednesday)

253 E. Seventh St. is now just a pile of bricks (Thursday)

Former Organic Avenue space for rent on Third Avenue (Thursday)

Are you in the market for bulletproof plastic? (Tuesday)

The Marshal seizes the former Red & Gold Boil on St. Mark's Place (Wednesday)

First sign of the Chop't coming to 51 Astor Place (Thursday) … and the CVS (Friday)

34 1/2 St. Mark's Place is for sale (Monday)

Construction watch: 327 E. Ninth St. (Tuesday)

… and ping-pong is becoming more competitive in Tompkins Square Park…

[Photo yesterday by Bobby Williams]

… AND photo-opp photo of the week … from Thursday on the L train station…

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