Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How you can score free pizza AND rodent repellent tomorrow at the 1st Avenue L stop

Via the EVG inbox®…

WHAT: New Yorker's are used to seeing rodents in the subway but commuters may see a few that are too big to ignore on their commute to work tomorrow morning.

WHO: The event is being sponsored by earthkind®, a North Dakota-based pest prevention company and the makers of the award-winning Stay Away® Rodent repellent that’s proven to keep rodents out of indoor areas, safely and naturally.

WHERE: Giant mice will be greeting commuters at the E. 86th Street and W. 72nd Street subway stations before heading down to Pizza Rat’s home base at the First Avenue L station for an authentic NYC lunch of, you guessed it, pizza! Free samples of Stay Away Rodent® will be given to the first 5000 riders who greet the mice and give them a warm, NYC welcome!

WHEN: Thursday, November 12th from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm

WHY: The earthkind® mice are on a mission to teach New Yorkers how to keep “pizza rat” and other uninvited guests [ED NOTE: Family members?] out of NYC hi-rises, brownstones and homes without using poisons.


Anonymous said...

You know -- I think this is great. I don't mind the commercialization of pizza rat. Local rat makes good!

Anonymous said...

Leave...the rats...alonnne.

LOL @ the scene in "Daylight" where the rats showed the trapped humans where to go to get out of the tunnel.

Goggla said...

I looked this stuff up as I am all for anything that isn't poison. It seems to be made from fir/basalm oil, so I wonder if it could be used in the park. If anything, it would make the bathrooms smell nicer.

nygrump said...

I don't want to drive the vermin away to bother someone else, I want to see them dead. I understand how the conservatives make fun of the wishy washy people who think we should catch and release mice. When the fox comes and takes a bite out of each of your chickens, you don't catch and release it.

Anonymous said...

So this stuff just increases the concentrations (all while growing the populations) elsewhere?