Monday, November 30, 2015

Updated: Bagel Belly coming to 3rd Avenue

You may have noticed some activity at 114 Third Ave. near East 14th Street, home until May of Delicacity (aka Robin Raj!).

Now there are posted signs about the new tenant...

... 114 Bagel & Grill Inc.

The applicants are on CB3's SLA committee meeting docket on Dec. 7 for a beer and wine license. There isn't any other information about the place online just yet.

The place is described as a restaurant ... Maybe they will grill — and not toast! — their bagels?

Updated 7 p.m.

The questionnaire (PDF!) from the applicants is now online at the CB3 website.

The deli/cafe will be called Bagel Belly. And the proposed hours are 6 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. The proprietors also own Namu Deli & Grocery at 252 Third Ave. between 20th Street and 21st Street.

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nygrump said...

the word "bagel" is a come on, why not just call it a school or doctor's office. I realized yesterday how the NYC real estate market is in absolute partnership with the recreational drugs producers. The rentiers "force" the market to sell recreational drugs at ridiculous prices in order to pay the rentier fees. You look at our appointed community board made up of bar owners and it becomes very clear. Democracy is simply war through other means.

Gojira said...

Yes, because there's nothing I want more with my sesame bagel and schmear than a nice crisp rosé. It's all about the beer and wine, yo.

JAZ said...

Is this the birth of the bespoke bagel, curated on premises?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of opening a daycare center for children age 1-4 and will apply for a beer and wine license as well. My bet is I will my (bar) daycare center will be a big hit.

Anonymous said...

More booze, more booze, more booze. Isn't it nice that we have an administration and a community board that is sooooo involved in keeping this neighborhood in good shape?

Maybe we can have a new regulation that AA pamphlets have to be handed to every person entering a bar, b/c based on what I see every weekend, there are a LOT of people out there who need it. To me, the East Village represents a whole generation of young people whose coping AND social skills consist of getting drunk.

We should re-name the nabe; I vote for "NY Booze, the Alcohol Ghetto". Won't that be a great selling point for the "luxury" rental and condo market? Truth in advertising!

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is a dangerous at crack and heroin although slower in destroying lives, families and ultimate society yet profits and tax income are preferred by our city and state governments. I wonder if all these storefronts were (legally) selling guns if there would be more outrage?

Giovanni said...

That name makes no sense. Maybe someone decided to call it Bagel & Grill so that they can easily change the name to Bar & Grill once they get the liquor license?

Anonymous said...

I think Giovanni has cracked the bait and switch code!

Anonymous said...

Giovanni, you got it!

Anonymous said...

Based on the application the proprietor appears to be a grocer of Korean nationality. That bodes well because small Korean-owned deli/groceries are generally the best in the city.

Scuba Diva said...

You know in 1980—and, I realize, through the 80s—this was the "Grace and Hope Mission" (Christ Died for your Sins).