Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Construction watch: 321 E. 3rd St.

The 6-story residential building going up at 321 E. Third St. is looking decidedly less cinderblock-y now than the rendering on the plywood would have you believe…

Oh, the rendering…

The 30-unit building here between Avenue C and Avenue D comes courtesy of Queens-based Venetian Management LLC, who's listed as the owner on DOB records.

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Anonymous said...

It's ugly and sort-of factory looking, guess it's
supposed to blend in with the other real buildings -
but it doesn't - it doesn't because it has no personality.

Anonymous said...

The rendering on the fence has some personality, the building as built is a generic condo that could be found in any North American city. No doubt built to the lowest specs and designed to last just long enough for "Venetian Management LLC" to cash out, be dissolved, and disappear.

Does the DoB ever check whether the building going up looks anything like the plans? What else has changed? The structural elements and the engineering? The electrical and plumbing safety? I know Ben Shaoul routinely flouts the law and just adds additional floors to building without permission or (presumably) engineering, but it seems like the whole process is just a joke.

Gothamist has a story currently about building collapses and illegal construction in Bed-Stuy, and I know when we were looking at condos in Prospect Heights many of them looked like they would fall down after a year or two. The building industry in NYC is following the example of China and the DoB is doing nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

One word UGLY!!! Terrible design says a lot about the architect