Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Former dorm being pitched as Luxury Renting 101

The conversion of the former SVA dorm — including a few new floors — on Third Avenue and East 10th Street continues.

Meanwhile, the rental process is now underway. The broker bunting is up on the plywood announcing this as Luxury Renting 101 (as in 101 E. 10th St.).

The 101 site is live. Here's the pitch:

Luxury Renting 101
New York chic has reached a new level at 101 East 10th Street offering a collection of studios, one and two bedroom residences. Located on a prime corner in the East Village, steps from Union Square and Greenwich Village, it is sure to up the ante for coveted living spaces. 101 East 10th Street offers bespoke finishes, stainless appliances, marble bathrooms, ample closet space, and incredible natural light resulting in a rare genre of urban living.

There are 54 units. Three are on the rental market now, ranging in price from $3,543 (two bedrooms) to $4,420 (three bedrooms).

Interesting note at the bottom of the listings:



SVA discontinued dorm use here after the spring 2014 term. From the look of things, the building is being replaced by more upscale dorm rooms — with 6-month leases to boot.

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Anonymous said...


New York chic has reached a new low at 101 East 10th Street offering a collection of former college dorm rooms as faux studios, one and two bedroom residences. Located on a gamey corner in the East Village, steps from 48 college bro bars, it is sure to up the ante for people panicking "what did I just buy?" 101 East 10th Street offers bespoke finishes such as vomit, urine, and suspicious brown stains, sink for bathing, ample closet space for crying in private, and incredible natural light from blinking neon signs resulting in a sad genre of post-Bloomberg urban living.

Gojira said...

Something tells me that the haute riche of the Gilded Age, with their chateaus on Fifth Avenue and summer houses in Newport, would be hard-pressed to recognize anything in those photos as "luxury". What a bunch of self-congratulatory twaddle for absolutely nothing.

Anon. 8:14 - love you!

Anonymous said...

6 month rental? is this for people being relocating to the city by an employer to give them just enough time to find something more permanent? Students who plan on dropping out school before financing their second term? People with just 6 months or less to live?

blue glass said...

bendiner and schlessinger (sp?) used to be there
wasn't that building torn down for this one?
these folks are on serious drugs.

Anonymous said...

One would really like to know the details of how the SVA dorm was built. Were there public funds involved? Were there tax benefits? If so, how did this impact the sale of the property to a private developer? Were the taxpayers once again taken in by a flashy real-estate bait and switch? Is this going to be a fancy long term Air BnB?

Anonymous said...

Despite being near all the bro bars, a 2 bedroom in a luxury doorman/elevator building for $3,500 seems pretty reasonable for the this area these days. Wonder what the square ft. is like.


I love you Gojira.

Anonymous said...

There was a medical lab at this location before this soon to be luxury (cough, cough) building was put in place. As far as I know SVA is a private school, I am a graduate early 80's, I don't know what kind of breaks a school gets in regards to real-estate but I do know that Cooper Union owns and leases the land which the Chrysler building stands. The previous deal put it up as collateral to build the Death Star and it's ugly sister death star on 3rd ave.

Anonymous said...

My mom lived on that corner in the 70's and said she was scared to come home at night because of all the hookers out front. How things have changed.

Anonymous said...

"My mom lived on that corner in the 70's and said she was scared to come home at night because of all the hookers out front."

Now the landlord is screwing the tenants every first of the month.

Gojira said...

Ditto, NOTORIOUS, plus you have the coolest tats!

cmarrtyy said...

2 bedroom for$3,500? 3 bedrooms for $4,400? That's not luxury in the EV. My building is small and old with renovated apartments and the rents for a 1 bedroom apt starts at around $4,000. Geez what is the EV coming to? I'm embarrassed.

Makeout said...

Nice one Anon 8:14. "Bespoke". Fuuuuck that word.

Anonymous said...

"My mom lived on that corner in the 70's and said she was scared to come home at night because of all the hookers out front."

Now, the landlords are pimping out the neighborhood. And I am more afraid to walk at night nowadays because of the drunken bros and their bro-hos out on the sidewalks.

Also, more like remedial luxury.

Anonymous said...

There is a serious rumor going down that CompassRock is offering 6 month leases for Stuy Town/Peter Cooper apartments which is highly illegal since all apartments there are currently under NYS Rent Stabilization Law regardless of the rent that is charged and as per the law, they must offer either a 1 year or 2 year lease.

Anonymous said...

Not only was it a medical laboratory, it was also the location front where Kramer takes the "Fat Free Yogurt" to be analyzed in the Rudy Giuliani episode of Seinfeld !

Anonymous said...

This block is disgusting. Businesses shutter as fast as they open. Bars do well. That's about it.

Anonymous said...

When oh WHEN will someone put out a movie satirizing luxury housing in NYC? I'm looking at you to write the screenplay, Bret Easton Ellis.

We need a psycho NYC landlord movie or psycho NYC tenant movie (latter a la Pacific Heights) - who could be cast as a psycho landlord? Tenant? It could be a comedy, too, but enough of that shit. You know it'd have to include the obligatory neighbor who is on to the evil and gets 86ed lol.

Matthew Modine was so unlikeable in Pacific Heights I think he deserved some of what Keaton dished him. Modine obviously rented to Keaton because he preferred a white man with money (or so he thought Keaton had money) over a black man with not as much money even though the black man was a police detective thus a built in security guard/alarm system/peacemaker and guaranteed rent money every month. Police detective who can't afford $1000 but can afford $900 (black guy) versus guy who doesn't work and has his family pay $1000 (white guy)? I'll take the police detective, thanks. I make $1200 less a year but my property is safer, my rent collection surer.

Anonymous said...

"Luxury". There should be laws on when you can use the term. Literally every fucking condo building that goes up says they're "luxury".

Brian said...

Sorry 4:58pm. All the apartments are not under rent stabilization in Stuy/PC. A good many were taken of rent stabilization via vacancy decontrol and other rent stabilization rules.