Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week in Grieview

[A mobile for the former Mobil station on Houston and C]

RIP Steven Steinberg, the third generation owner of New York Central Art Supply (Tuesday)

Renovating the LES apartment of Jim "The Mosaic Man" Power (Monday)

The annual New York Cares Coat Drive is underway (Wednesday)

RIP Walter Przedpelski, who lived 91 years in the same apartment on East Ninth Street (Thursday)

The upscale hotel bar with a pool named for the late environmentalist Adam Purple (Wednesday, 42 comments)

Part of the former Alphabets storefront will serve as sales office for Ben Shaoul's 100 Avenue A (Monday

Out and About with Karen Platt (Wednesday)

Ongoing construction at condoplex on Avenue A enters the swimming pool phase (Thursday)

East Eighth Street and Avenue C, home to 5 restaurants in recent years, is now on the market (Tuesday)

Handing out the litter summonses (Wednesday)

Autre Kyo Ya coming soon to the former Barrel space on Stuyvesant Street (Monday)

An assessment of the dangerous East Houston-Avenue B/Clinton Street intersection (Thursday)

The apartment where the golden rule "is that no one else can tell anyone else to be quiet" (Tuesday)

Holiday lights arrive on East Ninth Street (Thursday)

Live music ends for now at Elvis Underground (Monday)

Demo work starts on the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue and 10th Street (Friday)

New Stuy Town owner pledges to keep a grocery story on East 14th Street, but it may not be Associated (Monday)

Thanksgiving at Odessa (Friday)

4 St. Mark's Place is for sale (Friday)

The former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office is pretty much gone (Monday)

Icon Realty made 5x what it paid in sale of two East Village buildings (Friday)

Renovations at Village 7; reclining seats coming soon (Saturday)

Maison Kayser opening a large bakery on 13th and Broadway (Thursday)

A #lovewall for St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

The new residential building at 321 E. Third St. (Wednesday)

... and here are two of the mosaics that French street artist Invader has placed around the East Village in recent days ... on East Fourth Street and First Avenue...

... and Avenue A and East Third Street...

There are more, like on the former Chase branch on St. Mark's and Second Avenue ... and there's a Lou Reed mosaic on St. Mark's Place between A and First Avenue. BoweryBoogie has an LES rundown here.

And tomorrow night is the The 5th annual Last Waltz tribute to benefit Food For Life at Tompkins Square Park...

Find details here.


Anonymous said...

There's another Space Invader mosaic right above the old Cafe Pick-Me-Up on Avenue A :) Thought it was fun seeing those around.

Anonymous said...

Very clever first picture!