Monday, November 23, 2015

328 E. 14th St. is for rent

The storefront between First Avenue and Second Avenue has been a carousel of food places of late. Back in March, Vegtown became the third venture following Chubby Mary's and Led Zeppole to close here in the last three years.

Now the for rent signs have arrived.

The flyer for the space mostly notes the chain stores located nearby…

Also nearby: Madman Espresso, Nowhere Bar, O'Hanlon's (painted red again!), Steve's Express Shoe Repair and Hotel Tortuga, among others.

One listing puts the monthly rent here at $8,500.

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Anonymous said...

EVG, what are the financials for all those previous food vendors? I am sure there is a good story there!

Anonymous said...

Is the juice place gone forever now? They didn't last very long in that spot at all? Was it too expensive or is the landlord the problem?

Anonymous said...

Everyone patronize HOTEL TORTUGA!
Love that place.