Monday, November 2, 2015

Fish Bar signage arrives on East 6th Street

Over at 345 E. Sixth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue, the transformation of the former Gandhi space continues. As previously reported, Shane Covey, co-owner of Upstate around the corner, and Adam Elzer, operating partner at Sauce Restaurant, are opening Edwin and Neal's Fish Bar (named after their fathers).

Anyway, the new sign has arrived…

[Photo by Vinny & O]

Hopefully no one will confuse the restaurant with Fish Bar on East Fifth Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square.

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Anonymous said...

weird sign considering how close it is to fish bar

Anonymous said...

yea - that's ridiculously close to Fish Bar. It's also just an ugly sign.

Daylight Pony said...

We used to have an almost identical sign at Fish Bar. We took it down years ago because it was ugly.