Saturday, November 7, 2015

[Updated] Report: Missing teen with autism may be in the East Village

A 16-year-old New Jersey resident with autism has been missing since yesterday. According to the Daily News this afternoon, Adam Rogers may be in the East Village. (The article doesn't offer any explanation as to why.)

According to a report at New Jersey station 101.5, Rogers' family found his bicycle at the Point Pleasant station, and found that he’d taken a credit card, which had been used to purchase a one-way ticket to Penn Station.

His mother said there hasn't been any difficulty at home. "This is just something he must have gotten in his head to do, and he did it," she said.


Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call (800) THE-LOST or the Point Pleasant Borough Police Department at (732) 892-0060.


Updated 11 p.m.

The boy was found safe in Penn Station, according to reports.


Anonymous said...

He has been found and reunited with his family.

Anonymous said...

Ironically he was found safe in the actual Midtown South.

Anonymous said...

(Now that I know he's safe) --

No explanation is needed as to why he'd be in the East Village -- to hang out on St. Mark's Place!