Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Workers removing the scaffolding and sidewalk bridge from PS122

[Photo by Kate Puls]

The northeast corner of First Avenue and Ninth Street has been under a sidewalk bridge since the extensive, multi-year gut renovation started a few years back at the 122 Community Center ... however, in a noticeable sign of progress, workers have started to remove the scaffolding (and, perhaps soon, the sidewalk bridge) this afternoon, says EVG reader Kate Puls...

PS122, one of the organizations here, is expected to have its grand reopening next summer.

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Anonymous said...

When is PS 122 ever going to be finished? As a neighbor directly across the courtyard, I'm am sick and tired of the noise, the dirt and dust and the yelling constructions workers. In addition the new entrance is ugly and looks like a quonset hut turned on it's side or something that should be attached to one of the god-awful buildings at Astor Place. In addition, I'm concerned about further noise in the courtyard since I've read that it is to be a public space and also used for events. The noise level in the East Village is already unbearable on the weekends. Once again, bad planning for the neighborhood even if it's goal is to be an art and theatre space as it once, which would be welcome.